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The World Wide Web has become a fantastic platform where one can freely access a huge collection of information for their personal edification. At the same time, it has contributed to the degrading quality of information exchange across several fields. Among those fields realizing this syndrome is software development, where there have come to be many cargo cult programmers who do not understand either the code they are writing or the technologies that they insist on so strongly. It is in view of this development that this website was built: to serve as a resource for in-depth technical notes to assist the programmer in developing and understanding computer software.

NOTE: This website is still in its infancy and several of its features are yet to mature. It's my hope, nonetheless, that you have an idea of what it will be when it is fully grown. Furthermore, although I try as much as possible to be objective in every article that I write, the glaring reality cannot simply be overlooked: the contents inherently present my ideas, opinions, and understanding which may not always be right. Therefore, inasmuch as I may tell you other people are wrong about a subject, I, too, am a "person." Don't forget to use your sense of judgment whenever necessary. Finally, if you don't like what you read here, go write your own and send me a link. Otherwise, enjoy :)