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Web-based Computer Software ApplicationsCollection of tiny applications that solve simple problems
  1. Live Forex Rates & Currency Converter

    Calculate live & historical foreign exchange rates

    Free online currency converter that allows you to check live exchange rates and perform conversion between several currencies.

  2. Proleptic Gregorian (and Jewish) Calendar

    Proleptic Gregorian calendar from 5000 B.C.E. to 5000 C.E.

    An accurate proleptic Gregorian calendar application produced by extending the Gregorian calendar backward to dates preceding its official introduction, in order to make it possible to identify particular dates prior to October 15, 1582. This calendar application dates as far back as the year 5000 B.C.E. Moreover, the calendar extends forward to as far as the year 5000! It's noteworthy that this calendar system is based on the Latin numbering system (which does not include zero) so the years preceding 1 are counted from 1 and suffixed with "B.C.E."

  3. Simultaneous (System of) Equations Solver

    System of equations solver based on the Gaussian algorithm

    A system of equations solver based on the Gaussian elimination algorithm that can solve up to several hundred equations of unknowns. It was originally written specially to demonstrate that it's feasible to develop a solver that can parse a given set of equations, extract the required data, and solve for (theoretically) an unlimited number of unknowns, thus freeing the user of any complexity. Since this is just a proof-of-concept application, unconventional equations (like those where the constants precede the rest of the equation) may fail to parse.