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The Unicode Age property indicates the first version in which a particular Unicode character was assigned. For example, U+20AC € EURO SIGN was added to Version 2.1 of the Unicode Standard, so it has age=2.1, while U+20B9 ₹ INDIAN RUPEE SIGN was added to Version 6.0 of the Unicode Standard, so it has age=6.0. The Age property is based on when a character is encoded in the standard. It is normative and immutable, and cannot be meaningfully tailored.

Formally, the Age property is a catalog property whose enumerated values correspond to a list of tuples consisting of a major version integer and a minor version integer. The major version is a positive integer constrained to the range 1 to 255. The minor version is a non-negative integer constrained to the range 0 to 255. These range limitations are specified so that implementations can be guaranteed that all valid, assigned Age values can be represented in a sequence of two unsigned bytes. A third value corresponding to the Unicode update version is not required, because new characters are never assigned in update versions of the standard.

The default value of the Age property, used for unassigned (undesignated) code points, is expressed with labels that depart from the numerical versioning scheme of the Age property for assigned code points; the short form for the default is “NA”, and the long form for the default is “Unassigned”. Implementations of parsers which manipulate the Age property need to be prepared for this special case, rather than expecting the default value to be expressed numerically, as “0.0”, for example.

List of Age values

The minimum value of the Age property is “1.1”, instead of “1.0”, because of the incompatible changes to the standard following the merger of code points and character names between the Unicode Standard and ISO/IEC 10646 for their 1993 publications. For Hangul syllable characters, which were extensively augmented in Unicode 2.0, the Age value is set to “2.0”, even though a subset of the Hangul syllables had been published in earlier versions, at different code points.

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NOTE: Private use characters, noncharacter code points, and surrogate code points also get Age values. The private use characters and noncharacter code points on the BMP have age=1.1. However, the full architecture for UTF-16 and multiple planes was not fully documented until Unicode 2.0, so the private use characters and noncharacter code points on supplementary planes, as well as the surrogate code points in the range D800..DFFF, are given the value age=2.0.

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