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The General Category property is defined for all Unicode code points. Its value for a character serves as a basic classification of that character, based on its primary usage. The property extends the widely used subdivision of ASCII characters into letters, digits, punctuation, and symbolsa useful classification that needs to be elaborated and further subdivided to remain appropriate for the larger and more comprehensive scope of the Unicode Standard.

There are several other conventions for how General Category values are assigned to Unicode characters. Many characters have multiple uses, and not all such uses can be captured by a single, simple partition property such as General Category. Thus, many letters often serve dual functions as numerals in traditional numeral systems. Examples can be found in the Roman numeral system, in Greek usage of letters as numbers, in Hebrew, and similarly for many scripts. In such cases the General Category is assigned based on the primary letter usage of the character, even though it may also have numeric values, occur in numeric expressions, or be used symbolically in mathematical expressions, and so on.

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      Clever U+E01F0. Got me scratching my head for a while :)

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